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The Company

EBDance is a project based dance collective based in NYC. Elizabeth Burr founded the company in October of 2019, which has since had the privilege of being invited to dance festivals and performances locally and nationally. In 2016, Elizabeth studied abroad in Jerusalem, Israel where she first started diving into the importance of uniting people through movement and performance. Our mission is to research the human condition through movement and performance.


We work with collaborators from vastly different artistic lenses to create a truly immersive experience for our audience. We have used stage, film, site-specific, and non-conventional spaces to present works. We believe art and movement is an essential part of society and should be accessible to all. Our goal is to reach a broad audience of people all over the world who are ready to be immersed into a world of vulnerability and empathy. We believe all humans have the same basic needs and emotions, and are all undergoing the human condition. We are interested in asking the hard, complicated questions about relationships, love, identity, community, politics, and religion in hopes to unite people who were once polarized. Our truth is that art can positively change the world.

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