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Elizabeth Burr

Elizabeth Burr grew up in Falls Church, Virginia. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance from Indiana University. She has performed works by Jaclyn Walsh, Beth Gill, Jillian Peña, Angie Hauser, David Parsons, and Paul Taylor.

Elizabeth spent a semester studying in Israel at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance where she trained in gaga technique and Batsheva repertoire with former company members of Batsheva Dance Company including Aya Israeli. She also studied with Noa Wertheim and Vova Zak from Vertigo Dance Company.

Elizabeth has been a member of Company Danzante, S. J. Ewing & Dancers, and Bryce Dance Company. She is currently living in New York, NY working with Shift Dance, teaching dance and yoga, choreographing, modeling, and performing in project-based work.




Intimacy Lost: The Living Art Gallery

Emotions Physical Theatre

This performance at the Rockland Center for the Arts was commissioned for a celebration of Pride month for the LGBTQ+ community. This immersive dance performance involved exhibits that came to life through hip-hop, ballet, and contemporary dance exploring ideas of gender and sexuality.




Elizabeth choreographed Backbeat in March of 2018 to be performed on two pre-professional programs: Adagio Ballet Trainee Program and Annapolis High School's Dance Department. Elizabeth used the music as inspiration for the piece. She wanted the dancers to feel like they were being controlled like a puppet by the unruly, syncopated rhythms.

Upcoming Performances

SMUSH Moves Vol. 9

Dec. 12th @ 8pm

Come see "Hineni", a duet reworked on Sarah Gottfried and Lydia Soueidan.

Purchase tickets here: https://smushmovesvol9.brownpapertickets.com

Fertile Ground

Feb. 9

Come see "Hineni", a duet reworked on Sarah Gottfried and Lydia Soueidan.